Why Uber Shouldn’t Have Poached CMU Robotics

Why Uber Shouldn’t Have Poached CMU Robotics

Earlier this year, Uber went on a shopping spree at Carnegie Mellon’s robotics center.  They hired away roughly 40 lab members from CMU, presumably to build the core of a cutting-edge driverless cars division.  This was a bad idea that must have looked a whole lot like a good one.

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Joel Mokyr, Robert Gordon, and the Anachronistic Form of Academic Debate

I was leaving class the other day, and caught a glimpse of Joel Mokyr on a tv monitor, speaking on a panel.  I paused, then saw Robert Gordon come on screen to offer rebuttal.  If you already guessed that they were debating ‘headwinds’ and ‘tailwinds,’ congratulations: you win.

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