Re: “The 7 biggest problems facing science, according to 270 scientists” Pt 1

Back in July,  Julia Belluz, Brad Plumer, and Brian Resnick wrote up this beautiful thing, which you need to go read right now.   And I said at the time that I would reply.  And then I got lazy.  But then so this is me doing that, now.  In 7 parts, structured as their big beautiful article is.

Rough Draft as of Oct. 30.  Will be updating with links and more careful thought during the week.

Part I: The Money Problem

Well so hey, the AAAS just published an interactive data tool on federal science funding.  Go play with that.

The Quantity Issue

We’ve stalled out in our funding of R&D.  This is almost certainly a problem.  Secondarily, andRead More »


Sunday Night Science & Innovation Links, Oct 30, 2016

A lot of people talk about science and innovation.  Few of them talk to each other.  

Talk!  To each other!

Links for Oct 30, 2016

AI Pioneer Yoshua Bengio Is Launching Element AI, a Deep-Learning Incubator | WIRED

Uber’s Self-Driving Truck Startup Otto Makes Its First Delivery | WIRED

Why Google is giving up on its dream to bring super-fast broadband to everyone – Vox

When Tech Bites Back: Innovation’s Dark Side – WSJ

Why Tim Cook is Steve Ballmer | VentureBeat | Business | by Steve Blank

AI•ON: Artificial Intelligence Open Network

What the Touch Bar says about Apple’s approach to innovation – Vox

Fundamentals: Why Blog? Pt. II

‘Fundamentals’ is a series of posts laying out my priors and motivations.

And we’re back!  I’ve had a very on-off relationship with writing (and by extension this blog) for years now.  The reason is this: while my prior as an English (Econ double) major is that writing is intrinsically valuable, I’ve really struggled with whether a) I have valuable enough things to contribute to public discourse, and b) whether the large effort expended is actually worth the reward (either intrinsically or with regards to my larger goals).Read More »