Fundamentals: Why Blog? Pt. II

‘Fundamentals’ is a series of posts laying out my priors and motivations.

And we’re back!  I’ve had a very on-off relationship with writing (and by extension this blog) for years now.  The reason is this: while my prior as an English (Econ double) major is that writing is intrinsically valuable, I’ve really struggled with whether a) I have valuable enough things to contribute to public discourse, and b) whether the large effort expended is actually worth the reward (either intrinsically or with regards to my larger goals).

My last post discussing this was as much an attempt to motivate myself into writing regularly, as to explain myself to the (largely nonexistent) reader.  I believed most of what I wrote, but I failed to convince myself into writing regularly again.  So, back to square one.

But I really care about this, and my gut feeling is that it matters to write.  So, wandering the halls this morning on break from class, I began trying seriously to confront this issue.  Later, in afternoon class (what can I say, I’m restless…), I hammered out what I think is my strategy going forward, which I think I can believe in for the long haul.

Here are the new goals (original, crude wording intact), around which I will organize posts:

  • Coalesce community around innovation issues
    • Link roundup? Need to provide some sort of hub
    • I think responding to people’s pieces is a way to do this – a way to say, hey, someone’s listening and cares, and if we keep writing we can have these useful discussions
      • Beyond that, we may hammer out some useful consensus on some of these things (or, minimally, supplement in-person conversations being had)
  • Garner momentum around specific innovation issues I think are important
    • Overall: we are in world A (and it sucks), and we need to be in world B (which would suck a little less)
      • Organization of existing knowledge around innovation policy/practice
        • Outline how this sucks now, mount considerable evidence over many pieces
        • Outline what it would look like for this not to suck
      • Production of new knowledge around the same
        • Same
      • Efficient transmission of said to practioners and policymakers
        • Same
      • Incentivized implementation of said
        • Same

Following from those principles, here are the specific categories of posts I will do, and the rough timeline of each:

  • Link roundup — Weekly
  • Response to others’ pieces — As often as possible (minimum, twice weekly)
  • World A to World B — Once per week

I’m sure I’ll add some other categories of post as I go along.  I’m sure this will morph and change and grow; I hope for the better.  But I think this is a grounded, realistic beginning, with grounded, realistic (if high) goals.  To I hope a good start.


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