Sunday Night Science & Innovation Links, Nov 13, 2016

A lot of people talk about science and innovation.  Few of them talk to each other.  

Talk!  To each other!

“These giants don’t merely set standards for certain formats of semiconductors, glass, pharmaceuticals, and software. Their mastery over patents and markets empowers them to block or buy most any newcomer that might threaten their sovereignty. What technologies are developed, and how and where they are developed, is increasingly up to these small clubs of executives alone.” — Washington Monthly | Estates of Mind

“Our analysis uses 1.8 million U.S. patents and their citation properties to map the innovation network and its strength.” — Innovation Network

“Our results support theoretical arguments that IPR protection strengthens firms’ incentives to innovate[…]” — Intellectual Property Rights Protection, Ownership, and Innovation: Evidence from China

“Still, any major political transition is liable to bring about significant change in public science policy. As Kevin B. Marvel, the executive officer of the American Astronomical Society, points out, science research is pretty much always in peril since public science research budgets are subject to the whims of Congress.” — As president, Trump will shape the future of science. And scientists are worried. – Vox

“I often wonder whether there is any value in reporting very early research. Journals now publish their findings, and the public seizes on them, but this wasn’t always the case: journals were meant for peer-to-peer discussion, not mass consumption.” — This is why you shouldn’t believe that exciting new medical study – Vox

“In its new role—nonprofit, Caltech-affiliated, NASA-funded, civilian-controlled—JPL became a center for the most insane, creative engineering on earth.” — Inside the Jet Propulsion Laboratory: NASA’s Crazy, Kooky, Legendary Research Facility


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