How to Run an R&D Lab

Last updated Nov 16.

Let me try to review the body of knowledge on this, links to be added….

  1. Relationship with corporate
    1. Culturally distant
    2. Geographically distant
    3. Insulated from short-termism
  2. Relationship with academia
    1. Tight
    2. Frictionless flows of ideas
      1. Journal publications
      2. Conference attendance
      3. Physical proximity (coffee shop effect)?
    3. Frictionless flows of people
      1. Informal relationship?
      2. HR pipeline
  3. Team dynamics
    1. Ideal team size
    2. Team structure
    3. Diversity
      1. Gender
      2. Ethnicity
      3. Seniority
      4. Interdisciplinarity
    4. Norms of openness
    5. High collaboration
      1. Informal social ties
      2. Shared norms
  4. Misc
    1. Star scientists
    2. Relationship with other industry labs
    3. Integration with engineering wing
    4. A bunch of other stuff….
      1. Management
      2. Portfolio mix of projects
      3. Timeline of projects
      4. Basic vs. applied research

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