Sunday Night Science & Innovation Links, December 19, 2016

Annnnd we’re back.  Finals is a pain.

“Using data on expenditure on research and development, and patent applications, receipts, and citations, we show that the Chinese economy has become increasingly innovative. ” — From “Made in China” to “Innovated in China”: Necessity, Prospect, and Challenges

“Yes, it may be a damaging four years for research, innovation, the economy (driven by R&D), and the environment – some irrevocable. But that’s not reason to lose hope. Instead it’s a challenge to all of us to get involved. We must be more dedicated than ever to work for change.” — Dear Scientists: Our Government Needs You – Scientific American Blog Network

“Science, rather than appearing like a human enterprise, full of fits and starts in the never-ending search for knowledge, is expected to prove claims once a week, or even more frequently. And I think that’s bad for readers and viewers.” — Why science news embargoes are bad for the public – Vox

“This means the social costs of new techniques (as opposed to the costs captured in market prices) are systematically underestimated.” — Bite-back, Joel Mokyr

“What will happen to those efforts under a Donald Trump presidency? One thing seems likely: Set aside Mars. Private companies are going to get a chance to do business on the moon.” — What a Trump presidency means for NASA and the future of space exploration — Quartz


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